Philips 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

Philips 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

Philips 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

Aspect Ratio 16:9
Panel Resolution 480 x 234
Contrast Ration (typical) 300:1
USB USB 2.0 Host, USB 2.0 Slave
Card Reader Built in x 2
Buttons & Controls 3 Buttons, 4-way Navigation Key & Enter
Photo Edit Copy, Delete, Rotate, Zoom, Crop
Photo Effects Black & White, Frames, Sepia
Background Colour Black, White, Grey, Ambient Colour, Auto-Fit
Setup Function Brightness, Language, Status, Beep on/off, Time/Date, Clock, Alarm, Auto on/off
Plug & Play Compatibility Windows 2000/XP or later, MAC OS x

Philips 7-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame Highlights

ImagEn for sharp and vibrant color ImageEn is exclusive Philips photo enhancement technology that automatically analyzes your photos to correct color and adjust for optimal contrast: ImagEn separates colors to avoid "crosstalk" adjusts brightness distribution for great visual contrast and corrects Gamma for color accuracy.

Add new glow to old memories with RadiantColor
RadiantColor is an exclusive Philips technology for displaying smaller photos in the optimal 4:3 ratio by extending the color on the edges of a less-than-full-screen photo to the sides of the screen, eliminating black bars and aspect ratio distortion.

SmartContrast: Optimized contrast for visual clarity
SmartContrast is Philips technology that analyzes the contents you are displaying, automatically adjusting colors and controlling backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast for the best digital images and optimum contrast for more entertainment fun when viewing videos or playing games where dark hues are displayed; when you select the Economy mode, contrast is adjusted and backlighting fine-tuned for just-right display of everyday office applications and lower power consumption.

Play slideshows, single photo, thumbnails or show clock Flexible display modes give you the freedom to display your photos one image at a time, in thumbnail mode for quick, easy searches, or to create a slideshow of your most treasured photos.

Memory Card The digital photo frame has a small amount of built-in memory (10MB) that stores a few of your favorite pictures directly onto the frame. The purpose of the small internal memory is to store a few pictures in order to display them on your frame when you do not have a memory card inserted into the frame. The internal memory on your digital photo frame is a fixed amount and cannot be expanded. However, you can increase the amount of pictures that can be displayed by using memory cards with a larger memory capacity. The digital photo frame features two built-in memory card readers for easy viewing and sharing of photos stored on the memory cards.

View USB flash drive photos without a PC A USB connector for easy viewing and sharing of photos stored on USB flash drive.

Auto turning display on/off at preset times for power saving
A timer turns the Philips 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame on and off at the hours you select, reducing energy consumption for the sake of our environment saving up to one third of your PhotoFrame energy costs. Three programmable timeslots: weekday, weekend and every day. Giving you the flexibility you need to fit your personal schedule.

Have fun with collages: display multiple photos in one view It's a slideshow effect to show photos in collage form that automatically and randomly compiles different photos together to avoid unattractive borders that may result from photos which are smaller than screen size.

View photos directly from memory cards - no PC required Two memory card readers are built-in for easy viewing and sharing of photos stored in memory cards. One memory card slot accepts Compact Flash I (CF) cards while the second accommodates Memory Stick (MS), SD Card and Multi Media Cards (MMC).

Intuitive User Interface (UI), 5-way-keypad for easy navigation and operation The UI includes a minimum of buttons with clear and intuitive guiding text and graphics and logically designed on-screen-menus that help you to instinctively enjoy all the features of the product without hassle or long-time learning.

What’s in the Box
Philips 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame, AC-DC adapter, USB cable, stand, quick start guide, user manual.

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