Black Caiman

Black Caiman
Photographer: Jason L. Buberal

Latin Name Melanosuchus niger
Conservation Status Conservation Dependent
Location S America
Colour Black
Length 4 - 6 m (13 - 20 ft)
Weight -


Main Characteristics

Black Caiman are the largest predator in the Amazon Basin. They have a body length between 4 and 6 m (13 - 20 ft) and they have black, scaly skin.


Black Caimans can be found in slow moving rivers and lakes in South America.


Black Caiman mainly feed on fish, water birds, capybara and occasionally domestic animals.


Black Caiman lay 30 - 65 eggs in a mound of soil and vegetation. The female guards the eggs during incubation and protects her newly hatched young in the water.


Humans and jaguars are predators of Black Caiman.

Interesting Facts

Black Caimans have a life expectancy of 50 - 80 years.

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