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Hog Badger

Hog Badger Range Map (S & E Asia)
Hog Badger Range Map (S & E Asia)

Latin Name Arctonyx collaris
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location S & E Asia
Colour Grey & Black
Length 55 - 70 cms (22 - 28 inches)
Tail 12 - 17 cms (4.75 - 6.5 inches)
Weight 7 - 14 Kgs (15 - 31 lbs)
Life Expectancy

Up to 14 Yrs (in Captivity)

Main Characteristics

Hog Badgers have a body length between 55 and 70 cms (22 - 28 inches), a tail length between 12 and 17 cms (4.75 - 6.5 inches) and they weigh between 7 and 14 kgs (15 - 31 lbs). They are grey in colour with a black underside and their greyish face has two black stripes on each side.


Hog Badgers can be found in the forested areas of south and east Asia.


Hog Badgers are omnivores and they feed on a variety of things from honey and fruit to insects and small mammals.


Hog Badgers produce litters of 2 - 4 young and they are weaned at 4 months old.


Predators of Hog Badgers include tigers and leopards.


Subspecies of the Hog Badger include:

Arctonyx collaris albogularis
Arctonyx collaris collaris
Arctonyx collaris consul
Arctonyx collaris dictator
Arctonyx collaris hoevenii
Arctonyx collaris leucolaemus

Interesting Facts

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