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Asiatic Black Bear

Asiatic Black Bear

Asiatic Black Bear Range Map (East, South & South East Asia)
Asiatic Black Bear Range Map
(East, South & S E Asia)

Asiatic Black Bear with Cubs
Asiatic Black Bear with Cubs

Latin Name Ursus thibetanus
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location East, South & South East Asia
Colour Black
Length 1.3 - 1.9 m (4.25 - 6.25 ft)
Tail Not Recorded
Weight 100 - 200 Kgs (220 - 440 lbs)
Life Expectancy

25 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Asiatic Black Bears are medium sized bears, their body length being between 1.3 and 1.9 m (4.25 - 6.25 ft), their tail length is not recorded and they weigh between 100 and 200 Kgs (220 - 440 lbs).

They have long, black fur with a distinctive crescent shaped white/cream marking on their chest. The fur around their shoulders and throat is longer than that elsewhere. They have relatively large ears, strong legs, sharp claws and they are very adept at bipedal walking.

They are skillful climbers and may spend up to half their time in the trees, and many of them are known to hibernate during the winter months. They are also quite aggressive towards humans and are known to have caused fatalities.


They are found in the forested regions of East, South and South East Asia. They prefer hills and mountainous areas and they are solitary except for mothers with cubs.

They have a home range between 10 and 20 Kms (6 - 12 miles) and sometimes these ranges overlap those of the giant panda and the brown bear.


Asiatic Black Bears are omnivores and their diet mainly consists of fruit, berries, seeds, nuts, grasses, honey, invertebrates, birds, fish, rodents, other small mammals and carrion.


Mating occurs from June to July and during January and February 1 - 4 cubs are born in the winter den. When the cubs are born they are blind, helpless and totally dependent on their mother.

The cubs stay with their mother for 2 - 3 years and they become sexually mature between the ages of 3 and 4.


Their main predators are humans as they are hunted for their gall bladder, which is used in Asian cuisine and medicines.


There is one true subspecies of Asiatic Black Bear, Ursus thibetanus gedrosianus, which is found in Southern Pakistan.

Interesting Facts

Asiatic Black Bears are also known as:
Tibetan Black Bear
Himalayan Black Bear
Moon Bear

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