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Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat
Photographer: L Shyamal

Jungle Cat
Photographer: L Shyamal

Jungle Cat Range Map (Asia & N E Africa)
Jungle Cat Range Map (Asia & N E Africa)
Attribution: IUCN, species assessors & spatial data authors

Latin Name Felis chaus
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Asia & N E Africa
Colour Grey/Brown
Length 50 - 94 cms (20 - 37 inches)
Tail 23 - 31 cms (9 - 12 inches)
Weight 4 - 16 Kgs (8.75 - 35 lbs)
Life Expectancy

15 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Jungle Cats are medium sized cats and they have a body length between 50 and 94 cms (20 - 37 inches), a tail length between 23 and 31 cms (9 - 12 inches) and they weigh between 4 and 16 kgs (8.75 - 35 lbs). They have a slender build and they are greyish brown in colour.


Jungle Cats inhabit the jungles and swamps of Asia and north east Africa.


Jungle Cats mainly feed on small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and domestic poultry.


After a gestation period of 63 - 68 days, Jungle Cats give birth to 1 - 6 young. They are weaned at 8 weeks old and they reach sexual maturity at 18 months old.


Humans are predators of Jungle Cats.


There are 10 subspecies of Jungle Cat:

Felis chaus chaus
Felis chaus affinis
Felis chaus prateri
Felis chaus oxiana
Felis chaus furax
Felis chaus kutas
Felis chaus maimanah
Felis chaus fulvidina
Felis chaus kelaarti
Felis chaus nilotica

Interesting Facts

Jungle Cats are also known as:
Swamp Lynx
Swamp Cat
Reed Cat

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