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Hose's Palm Civet

Hose's Palm Civet Range Map (Borneo, S E Asia)
Hose's Palm Civet Range Map
(Borneo, S E Asia)

Latin Name Diplogale hosei
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location S E Asia
Colour Dark Brown to Black
Length 47 - 54 cms (18.5 - 21.3 inches)
Tail 28 - 33 cms (11 - 13 inches)
Weight -
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Hose's Palm Civets have a body length between 47 and 54 cms (18.5 - 21.3 inches) and a tail length between 28 and 33 cms (11 - 13 inches). They are dark brown to black in colour with a paler coloured underside.


Hose's Palm Civets can be found in the mountainous forests of Borneo.


Hose's Palm Civets feed on worms and insects.


There are no subspecies of Hose's Palm Civet.

Interesting Facts

Hose's Palm Civet was named after the zoologist Charles Hose.

Hose's Palm Civets are only known from 15 museum specimens, the last of which was collected in 1955.

Very little is known about this species.

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