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Otter Civet

Latin Name Cynogale bennettii
Conservation Status Endangered
Location South East Asia
Colour Agouti
Length 57.5 - 67.5 cms (22.6 - 26.6 inches)
Tail 13 - 20.5 cms (5 - 8 inches)
Weight 3 - 5 kgs (6.6 - 11 lbs)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Otter Civets have a body length between 57.5 and 67.5 cms (22.6 - 26.6 inches), a tail length between 13 and 20.5 cms (5 - 8 inches) and they weigh between 3 and 5 kgs (6.6 - 11 lbs).

Their fur is agouti - pale at the base and dark at the tip - with grey hairs intermingled, giving them a frosted appearance and they have very long, numerous whiskers.

They are well adapted for their semi-aquatic lifestyle, with their nose and ears being able to completely close.


Otter Civets can be found near rivers and swampy areas of the Thai-Malay Peninsula and on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.


Otter Civets feed on fish, crayfish, mollusks small mammals and birds.




Subspecies of the Otter Civet are:

Cynogale bennettii bennettii
Cynogale bennettii lowei

Interesting Facts

Otter Civets are also known as:

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