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Owston's Palm Civet

Owston's Palm Civet Range Map (S E Asia)
Owston's Palm Civet Range Map (S E Asia)

Latin Name Chrotogale owstoni
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location South East Asia
Colour Tawny/Grey
Length 51 - 64 cms (20 - 25 inches)
Tail 38 - 48 cms (15 - 19 inches)
Weight -
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Owston's Palm Civets have a body length between 51 and 64 cms (20 - 25 inches) and a tail length between 38 and 48 cms (15 - 19 inches).

They are tawny/grey in colour with black markings on their back and tail.


Owston's Palm Civets can be found in the forests and wooded lowlands of northern Vietnam, northern Laos and southern China.


Owston's Palm
Civets mainly feed on earthworms and other invertebrates.


After a gestation period of 3 months, Owston's Palm Civets give birth to 1 - 3 young.



There are no subspecies of Owston's Palm Civet.

Interesting Facts

Owston's Palm Civets are named after the Asian wildlife collector Alan Owston.

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