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Fisher Range Map (North America)
Fisher Range Map (North America)
Attribution: IUCN, species assessors & spatial data authors

Latin Name Martes pennanti
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location North America
Colour Brown
Length 47 - 75 cms (18.5 - 30 inches)
Tail 30 - 42 cms (12 - 16.5 inches)
Weight 2 - 5 Kgs (4.5 - 11 lbs)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Fishers are medium sized mammals that have a body length between 47 and 75 cms (18.5 - 30 inches), a tail length between 30 and 42 cms (12 - 16.5 inches) and they weigh between 2 and 5 kgs (4.5 - 11 lbs).

During the winter months they have a thick, glossy coat that is deep brown/black in colour but during the summer months they are lighter brown.


Fishers can be found in forested areas of North America.


Fishers mainly feed on small mammals, birds, insects, nuts, berries and carrion.


Fishers breed in late March or early April and implantation is delayed for 10 months until January or February the following year. After a gestation period of approximately 50 days, females will give birth to 1 - 6 kits then 7 - 10 days later they enter estrus and the breeding cycle begins again.

At birth the kits are blind and helpless, but after 3 weeks they begin to crawl around in the nest. At 7 weeks they open their eyes and at 8 weeks they begin to climb. They are weaned at 8 - 10 weeks and when they reach 4 months old they begin to become intolerant of one another.

After 5 months their mother pushes them out on their own and by the time they are a year old the youngsters have established their own ranges.


Humans are predators of Fishers.


Subspecies of the Fisher include:

Martes pennanti columbiana
Martes pennanti pacifica
Martes pennanti pennanti

Interesting Facts

The Fisher is also known as:
Fisher Cat

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