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Aquatic Genet

Aquatic Genet Range Map (Africa)
Aquatic Genet Range Map (Africa)

Latin Name Genetta piscivora
Conservation Status Data Deficient
Location Africa
Colour Brown
Length 45 - 50 cms (17.7 - 19.7 inches)
Tail 35 - 42 cms (13.7 - 16.5 inches)
Weight 1.5 Kgs (3.3 lbs)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Aquatic Genets have a body length between 45 and 50 cms (17.7 - 19.7 inches), a tail length between 35 and 42 cms (13.7 - 16.5 inches) and they weigh approximately 1.5 kgs (3.3 lbs).

They have a long, slender body and short legs. They are reddish/brown in colour with a darker colouration on their legs, tail and ears.

Despite their name, they are not good swimmers and they are believed to be solitary.


Aquatic Genets can be found in the rainforests in central Africa.


Aquatic Genets mainly feed on fish and other aquatic creatures, such as frogs.


There are no known subspecies of the Aquatic Genet.

Interesting Facts

Aquatic Genets are also known as:
Congo Water Civet
Fishing Genet

Not much is known about the behaviour of the Aquatic Genet, but it is believed to be similar to other species of genet.

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