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Banded Linsang

Banded Linsang Range Map (S E Asia)
Banded Linsang Range Map (S E Asia)

Latin Name Prionodon linsang
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location S E Asia
Colour Yellow/Grey with Black Markings
Length 40 cms (15.7 inches)
Tail 34 cms (13.4 inches)
Weight 700 g (25 oz)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Banded Linsang have a body length of approximately 40 cms (15.7 inches), a tail length of approximately 34 cms (13.4 inches) and they weigh around 700 g (25 oz).

They are yellowish/grey in colour with five dark bands on their body. They have broad stripes on their neck and their tail has several dark bands and a dark tip. They have sharp, retractable claws and very sharp teeth.


Banded Linsang inhabit the forests of south east Asia. They are solitary, nocturnal and arboreal.


Banded Linsang mainly feed on rodents, birds and lizards.


Little is known about reproduction in the Banded Linsang.



Subspecies of Banded Linsang include:

Prionodon linsang fredericae
Prionodon linsang gracilis
Prionodon linsang linsang

Interesting Facts

Banded Linsang are also known as:
Tiger Civet

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