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Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose

Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose Range Map (Africa)
Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose Range Map (Africa)

Latin Name Helogale hirtula
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Africa
Colour Brown
Length 18 - 26 cms (7 - 10 inches)
Tail 12 - 20 cms (4.7 - 7.9 inches)
Weight 200 - 350 g (7 - 13 oz)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose have a body length between 18 and 26 cms (7 - 10 inches), a tail length between 12 and 20 cms (4.7 - 7.9 inches) and they weigh between 200 and 350 g (7 - 13 oz).

They are very similar in appearance to the dwarf mongoose.


Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose can be found in the woodlands, scrub and brush of east Africa.


Subspecies of the Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose include:

Helogale hirtula ahlselli
Helogale hirtula annulata
Helogale hirtula hirtula
Helogale hirtula lutescens
Helogale hirtula powelli

Interesting Facts

Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose are also known as:
Somali Dwarf Mongoose
Desert Dwarf Mongoose

The diet, reproduction and behavior of the Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose are very similar to that of the dwarf mongoose.

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