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Indian Brown Mongoose

Indian Brown Mongoose
Photographer: P Jeganathan

Indian Brown Mongoose
Photographer: Navaneeth Kishor

Latin Name Herpestes fuscus
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location South Asia
Colour Brown
Length 50 cms (19.7 inches)
Tail 30 cms (12 inches)
Weight 2.7 Kgs (6 lbs)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Indian Brown Mongoose have a body length of approximately 50 cms (19.7 inches), a tail length of approximately 30 cms (12 inches) and they weigh around 2.7 kgs (6 lbs). They are grizzled brown in colour.


Indian Brown Mongoose can be found in the forested areas of western and southern India and Sri Lanka.


Subspecies of the Indian Brown Mongoose include:

Herpestes fuscus flavidens
Herpestes fuscus fuscus
Herpestes fuscus maccarthiae
Herpestes fuscus rubidior
Herpestes fuscus siccatus

Interesting Facts

Little is known about the behaviour of the Indian Brown Mongoose, but it is thought to be similar to that of the indian grey mongoose.

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