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Selous' Mongoose

Selous' Mongoose Range Map (Africa)
Selous' Mongoose Range Map (Africa)

Latin Name Paracynictis selousi
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Africa
Colour Tawny/Grey
Length 39 - 47 cm (15.3 - 18.5 inches)
Tail 28 - 40 cm (11 - 15.7 inches)
Weight 1.4 - 2.2 Kgs (3 - 4.9 lbs)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Selous' Mongoose have a body length between 39 and 47 cms (15.3 - 18.5 inches), a tail length between 28 and 40 cms (11 - 15.7 inches) and they weigh between 1.4 and 2.2 kgs (3 - 4.9 lbs).

They are grizzled tawny/grey in colour with a pale coloured underside and black feet. Their long tail has a white tip.


Selous' Mongoose can be found in the woodlands and scrub of southern Africa.


Selous' Mongoose feed on lizards, frogs, birds, small rodents and insects.


They produce litters of 2 - 4 young.


Subspecies of the Selous' Mongoose include:

Paracynictis selousi bechuanae
Paracynictis selousi ngamiensis
Paracynictis selousi selousi
Paracynictis selousi sengaani

Interesting Facts

Selous' Mongoose are also known as:
Selous's Mongoose

Little is known about the behaviour of the Selous' Mongoose

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