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Slender Mongoose

Slender Mongoose
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Slender Mongoose Range Map (Africa)
Slender Mongoose Range Map (Africa)

Slender Mongoose
Latin Name Galerella sanguinea
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Africa
Colour Various (see below)
Length 27.5 - 40 cm (11 - 16 inches)
Tail 23 - 33 cm (9 - 13 inches)
Weight 460 - 715 g (16 - 25 oz)
Life Expectancy 10 Yrs

Main Characteristics

The Slender Mongoose is a very common species of mongoose. They have a body length between 27.5 and 40 cms (11 - 16 inches), a tail length between 23 and 33 cms (9 - 13 inches) and they weigh between 460 and 715 g (16 - 25 oz).

The colour of their fur varies greatly between the different subspecies from dark reddish/brown to an orange/brown, yellow and grey, and they often appear speckled. They have a prominent black or red tip at the end of their tail.

Their body is long and slender, they have short legs and males tend to be larger than females. They are active during the day but if there is sufficient moonlight they will also hunt at night. They readily climb trees, unlike other mongoose species.


Slender Mongoose are found on the savannah and semi-arid plans of sub-sahara Africa. They live alone or in pairs and they are non territorial, although they will maintain a home range that is overlapped by those of others.

They have a den that is in a sheltered area such as a hollow log or a crevice between rocks and they may share their dens with other species.


The Slender Mongoose feeds upon insects, snakes, lizards, birds, rodents, amphibians, carrion, eggs and occasionally fruit.


Slender Mongoose can breed several times per year and after a gestation period of 60 - 70 days, 1 - 3 young are born in a den. Males do not take part in caring for their young, it is the sole responsibility of the female.

By the time the young reach 3 weeks old they have their eyes open and at 4 weeks old, they leave the nest. At this point they begin to eat solid food and by the time they are 50 days old they are approximately two thirds of their adult weight.

They are weaned at 7 - 9 weeks old and they are independent at 10 weeks. They reach sexual maturity at 1 - 2 years of age.


Eagles are among the predators of Slender Mongoose.


There are up to 40 subspecies of the Slender Mongoose, these include:

Galerella sanguinea canus
Galerella sanguinea cauui
Galerella sanguinea dasilvai
Galerella sanguinea dentifer
Galerella sanguinea fulvidior
Galerella sanguinea galbus
Galerella sanguinea gracilis
Galerella sanguinea grantii
Galerella sanguinea ibeae
Galerella sanguinea ignitus
Galerella sanguinea lancasteri
Galerella sanguinea melanura
Galerella sanguinea mossambica
Galerella sanguinea mustela
Galerella sanguinea mutgigella
Galerella sanguinea orestes
Galerella sanguinea parvipes
Galerella sanguinea perfulvidus
Galerella sanguinea phoenicurus
Galerella sanguinea proteus
Galerella sanguinea rendilis
Galerella sanguinea saharae
Galerella sanguinea sanguinea
Galerella sanguinea swalius
Galerella sanguinea swinnyi
Galerella sanguinea ugandae

Interesting Facts

Slender Mongoose are also known as:
Black-Tipped Mongoose
Black-Tailed Mongoose

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