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African Clawless Otter

African Clawless Otter

African Clawless Otter Range Map (Africa)
African Clawless Otter Range Map (Africa)
Attribution: IUCN, species assessors & spatial data authors

Latin Name Aonyx capensis
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Africa
Colour Brown
Length 73 - 95 cms (29 - 37 inches)
Tail 41 - 67 cms (16 - 26 inches)
Weight 10 - 16 Kgs (22 - 35 lbs)
Life Expectancy

Up to 11 Yrs (in Captivity)

Main Characteristics

African Clawless Otters have a body length between 73 and 95 cms (29 - 37 inches), a tail length between 41 and 67 cms (16 - 26 inches) and they weigh between 10 and 16 kgs (22 - 35 lbs). They are brown in colour with thick, smooth fur.


African Clawless Otters live in a variety of habitats in Africa.


African Clawless Otters mainly feed on fish, frogs, crabs and worms.


After a gestation period of approximately 63 days, African Clawless Otters give birth to a litter of 2 - 3 young. They are weaned at 45 - 60 days and are fully mature at a year old.


Predators of the African Clawless Otter include pythons, crocodiles and fish eagles.


Subspecies of the African Clawless Otter include:

Aonyx capensis capensis
Aonyx capensis hindei
Aonyx capensis meneleki

Interesting Facts

The African Clawless Otter is also known as:
Cape Clawless Otter
Groot Otter

African Clawless Otters are the second largest species of freshwater otter.

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