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Hairy-Nosed Otter

Hairy-Nosed Otter
Photographer: IOSF 1957

Hairy-Nosed Otter Range Map (S E Asia)
Hairy-Nosed Otter Range Map (S E Asia)

Latin Name Lutra sumatrana
Conservation Status Endangered
Location S E Asia
Colour Brown
Length 51 - 84 cms (20 - 33 inches)
Tail 36 - 51 cms (14 - 20 inches)
Weight 5 - 5.9 Kgs (11 - 13 lbs)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Hairy-Nosed Otters have a similar appearance to other freshwater otters. They have a body length between 51 and 84 cms (20 - 33 inches), a tail length between 36 and 51 cms (14 - 20 inches) and they weigh between 5 and 5.9 kgs (11 - 13 lbs).

They are chestnut to chocolate brown in colour with a white coloured throat, jaw and part of the upper lip.


Hairy-Nosed Otters can be found in peat swamp forests, mangrove forests, shallow coastal waters and canals in south east Asia.


There are no known subspecies of the Hairy-Nosed Otter.

Interesting Facts

Very little is known about this species of otter as it is so rare, but it is assumed that its behaviour etc. is similar to those of other freshwater otter species.

In 1998 Hairy-Nosed Otters were thought to be extinct as there hadn't been any sightings for a number of years, but a small number of populations have been rediscovered since then.

The main threats to this species of otter are from humans through habitat destruction, fishing, hunting, pollution and crop cultivation.

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