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Marine Otter

Marine Otter

Latin Name Lontra felina
Conservation Status Endangered
Location South America
Colour Brown
Length 50 - 79 cm (20 - 31 inches)
Tail 30 - 36 cm (12 - 14 inches)
Weight 3 - 5 Kgs (6.6 - 11 lbs)
Life Expectancy

- Yrs

Main Characteristics

Marine Otters are the smallest species of otter in the genus Lontra. They have a body length between 50 and 79 cms (20 - 31 inches), a tail length between 30 and 36 cms (12 - 14 inches) and they weigh between 3 and 5 kgs (6.6 - 11 lbs).


Marine Otters are found exclusively in marine habitats along the Pacific coast of South America, from northern Peru, along the coast of Chile, to the southern tip of South America.


Marine Otters mainly feed on fish, crabs, mollusks and shrimps.


Marine Otters breed once a year and after a gestation period of 60 - 65 days, 2 - 4 youngsters are born. The youngsters remain with their parents until they reach independence at 10 months old.


The main predators of Marine Otters are killer whales and sharks.


There are no subspecies of the Marine Otter.

Interesting Facts

Marine Otters are also known as:
Otter Cat
Gato Marino

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