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Sable Range Map (Asia)
Sable Range Map (Asia)
Attribution: IUCN, species assessors & spatial data authors

Latin Name Martes zibellina
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location N & E Asia
Colour Brown
Length 32 - 46 cms (12.5 - 18 inches)
Tail 14 - 18 cms (5.5 - 7 inches)
Weight 0.9 - 2 Kgs (2 - 4.5 lbs)
Life Expectancy

Up to 8 Yrs (Wild)
Up to 18 Yrs (in Captivity)

Main Characteristics

Sables have a body length between 32 and 46 cms (12.5 - 18 inches), a tail length between 14 and 18 cms (5.5 - 7 inches) and they weigh between 0.9 and 2 kgs (2 - 4.5 lbs). Their colour ranges from light to dark brown and they have a light patch of fur on their throat.


Sables can be found in the forests, flat lands and mountainous areas of north and east Asia.


Sables mainly feed on small mammals, small birds, eggs, fish, fruit and nuts.


After an 8 month period of delayed implantation and a 25 - 30 day gestation period, Sables give birth to a litter of 1 - 7 young. They are weaned at 7 weeks old and reach sexual maturity at around 2 years of age.


The main predators of Sables are humans, owls and birds of prey.


Subspecies of the Sable include:

Martes zibellina angarensis
Martes zibellina arsenjevi
Martes zibellina averini
Martes zibellina brachyura
Martes zibellina ilimpiensis
Martes zibellina jakutensis
Martes zibellina kamtschadalica
Martes zibellina linkouensis
Martes zibellina obscura
Martes zibellina princeps
Martes zibellina sahalinensis
Martes zibellina sajanensis
Martes zibellina schantaricus
Martes zibellina tomensis
Martes zibellina tungussensis
Martes zibellina yeniseensis
Martes zibellina zibellina

Interesting Facts

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