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American Hog-Nosed Skunk

American Hog-Nosed Skunk Range Map (N & C America)
American Hog-Nosed Skunk Range Map
(N & C America)

Latin Name Conepatus leuconotus
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location North & Central America
Colour Black & White
Length 40 - 46 cms (16 - 18 inches)
Tail 20 - 41 cms (8 - 16 inches)
Weight 2 - 4.5 Kgs (4.4 - 9.9 lbs)
Life Expectancy

7 - 8 Yrs

Main Characteristics

The American Hog-Nosed Skunk is the largest species of skunk in North America. They have a body length between 40 and 46 cms (16 - 18 inches), a tail length between 20 and 41 cms (8 - 16 inches) and they weigh between 2 and 4.5 kgs (4.4 - 9.9 lbs).

They have thick, coarse fur that is black in colour with a thick white stripe that runs from the top of their head to their tail.

Like all skunks, the American Hog-Nosed Skunk has well developed anal glands that they emit musk from if they are threatened. These glands contain a "nipple" that allows the skunk to aim its spray accurately at its attackers.


American Hog-Nosed Skunks can be found in a range of habitats in North and Central America.


American Hog-Nosed Skunks mainly feed on insects, but they also eat small mammals, reptiles, and fruit.


After a gestation period of around 2 months, American Hog-Nosed Skunks give birth to a litter of 2 - 4 young. They are weaned at 2 months and reach sexual maturity at 10 - 12 months old.


Large carnivores, birds of prey and large snakes are known predators of the American Hog-Nosed Skunk.


Subspecies of the American Hog-Nosed Skunk include:

Conepatus leuconotus figginsi
Conepatus leuconotus leuconotus
Conepatus leuconotus telmalestes

Interesting Facts

American Hog-Nosed Skunks are also known as:
Eastern Hog-Nosed Skunk

Skunks are believed to be one of the principle carriers of rabies in North America.

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