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Back-Striped Weasel

Back-Striped Weasel Range Map (S & E Asia)
Back-Striped Weasel Range Map (S & E Asia)

Latin Name Mustela strigidorsa
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location South & East Asia
Colour Brown
Length 29 cms (11.4 inches)
Tail 15 cms (5.9 inches)
Weight -
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Back-Striped Weasels have a body length of approximately 29 cms (11.4 inches) and a tail length of approximately 15 cms (5.9 inches). Their colour varies from deep to pale chocolate brown and they have a narrow, silvery stripe that runs all the way along their back, and a pale yellowish stripe that runs along their underside. Their tail is relatively short and the soles of their feet lack any hair.


Back-Striped Weasels can be found in South and East Asia.


There are no subspecies of the Back-Striped Weasel.

Interesting Facts

Very little is known about the behaviour and biology of Back-Striped Weasels.

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