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Colombian Weasel

Colombian Weasel Range Map (Colombia, S America)
Colombian Weasel Range Map
(Colombia, S America)

Latin Name Mustela felipei
Conservation Status Endangered
Location South America
Colour Dark Brown
Length 22 cms (8.7 inches)
Tail 11 cms (4.3 inches)
Weight -
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Colombian Weasels have a body length of approximately 22 cms (8.7 inches) and a tail length of approximately 11 cms (4.3 inches). They are dark brown in colour with a buff underside. They have extensive webbing between their toes which suggests that they have a semi-aquatic lifestyle.


Colombian Weasels can be found in Colombia and possibly Ecuador. They inhabit areas close to water at altitudes of 1.700 - 2,700 m (5,580 - 8,860 ft)


There are no subspecies of the Colombian Weasel.

Interesting Facts

Colombian Weasels are also known as:
Don Felipe's Weasel

Colombian Weasels are classed as riparian, which means inhabiting areas close to water.

Its scientific name honors the mammalogist Philip "Don Felipe" Hershkowitz.

Little is known about the behaviour of Colombian Weasels.

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