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Patagonian Weasel

Latin Name Lyncodon patagonicus
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location South America
Colour Whitish
Length 30 - 35 cm (12 - 13.75 inches)
Tail 6 - 9 cm (2.4 - 3.5 inches)
Weight 225 g (7.9 oz)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Patagonian Weasels have a body length between 30 and 35 cms (12 - 13.75 inches), a tail length between 6 and 9 cms (2.4 - 3.5 inches) and they weigh approximately 225 g (7.9 oz). They are whitish in colour with some brown and black tones mixed in.


Patagonian Weasels can be found in South America.


Subspecies of the Patagonian Weasel include:

Lyncodon patagonicus patagonicus
Lyncodon patagonicus thomasi

Interesting Facts

Little is known about Patagonian Weasels but it is assumed their habits are similar to those of other species of weasel.

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