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Plains Zebra

Plains Zebra
Photographer: Joachim Huber

Burchell's Zebra
Burchell's Zebra

Grant's Zebra
Grant's Zebra

Quagga - They became extinct in 1883
Quagga - They became extinct in 1883

Plains Zebra Range Map (Africa)
Plains Zebra Range Map (Africa)
Latin Name Equus quagga
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Africa
Colour Black & White
Length 2.2 - 2.5 m (7.25 - 8.25 ft)
Tail 47 - 56 cm (18.5 - 22 inches)
Weight 175 - 385 kgs (390 - 850 lbs)
Life Expectancy Up to 40 Yrs (in Captivity)

Main Characteristics

The Plains Zebra is the most common and widespread species of zebra. They have a body length between 2.2 and 2.5 m (7.25 - 8.25 ft), a tail length between 47 and 56 cms (18.5 - 22 inches) and they weigh between 175 and 385 kgs (390 - 850 lbs).

They have a distinctive black and white striped pattern that is unique to each individual. Their mane stands upright and they have a striped tail with a black tassel on the end.


Plains Zebra can be found on the savannahs and grasslands of east Africa.


Plains Zebras feed on a variety of grasses.


After a gestation period of 370 days, Plains Zebra give birth to a single foal. Within an hour of being born the foal is able to stand and suckle and within a few weeks it begins to graze. The youngster is weaned between 8 and 13 months old and they become sexually mature at 3 years of age, although males aren't usually dominant enough to defend a harem until they are at least 6 years old.


Predators of Plains Zebras include lions, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs and african wild dogs.


Subspecies of the Plains Zebra include:

(Equus quagga quagga)
Conservation Status: Extinct 1883

Burchell's Zebra
(Equus quagga burchellii)

Grant's Zebra
(Equus quagga boehmi)

Selous' Zebra
(Equus quagga borensis)

Chapman's Zebra
(Equus quagga champmani)

Crawshay's Zebra
(Equus quagga crawshayi)

Interesting Facts

Plains Zebra are also known as:
Common Zebra
Burchell's Zebra

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