Appalachian Cottontail

Appalachian Cottontail
Photographer: Karen Reay from the Virginia
Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

Appalachian Cottontail Range Map (USA)
Appalachian Cottontail Range Map (USA)

Latin Name Sylvilagus obscurus
Conservation Status Near Threatened
Location USA
Colour Grey/Brown
Length 39 - 41 cms (15.4 - 16.1 inches)
Tail -
Weight 0.9 - 1.5 kgs (2 - 3.3 lbs)
Life Expectancy -

Main Characteristics

Appalachian Cottontails are very similar in appearance to eastern cottontails. They are between 39 and 41 cms (15.4 - 16.1 inches) in length and they weigh between 0.9 and 1.5 kgs (2 - 3.3 lbs).

They are coloured greyish/brown to reddish/brown and they have a pale coloured underside. On their forehead they have a black spot and their ears have a black edge.


Appalachian Cottontails are found in the Appalachians, USA. They usually inhabit higher elevations and areas with coniferous forests and dense vegetation. They have a home range of approximately 4 acres.


Appalachian Cottontails feed on grasses, shrubs, buds, seeds, herbs, fruit and mushrooms.


Appalachian Cottontails breed between March and August. They produce 3 - 4 litters consisting of 4 - 8 young each litter.


Predators of the Appalachian Cottontail are presumed to be similar to those of the eastern cottontail.


There are no subspecies of the Appalachian Cottontail.

Interesting Facts

Appalachian Cottontails are also known as:
Allegheny Cottontail

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