Black Jackrabbit

Black Jackrabbit Range Map (Mexico)
Black Jackrabbit Range Map (Mexico)
Attribution: IUCN, species assessors & spatial data authors

Latin Name Lepus insularis
Conservation Status Near Threatened
Location Mexico
Colour Black and Dark Cinnamon
Length 57 cms (22.4 inches)
Tail 9.6 cms (3.8 inches)
Weight -
Life Expectancy - Yrs

Main Characteristics

Black Jackrabbits have a body length of approximately 57 cms (22.4 inches), and a tail length of approximately 9.6 cms (3.8 inches).

They are mainly glossy black in colour with a fine grizzling of dark cinnamon hairs on their dorsal surface and their underside is predominantly dark cinnamon.


Black Jackrabbits are endemic to Espiritu Santo Island in the Gulf of California, Mexico. They are found all over the island but are most abundant in the valleys and lower slopes of the hills.


Black Jackrabbits mainly feed on grasses but they will also consume bark if food supplies are scarce. All of the water that they require is obtained through ingested vegetation.


Black Jackrabbits breed between January and August and they produce up to 3 litters each year. After a gestation period of 41 - 43 days, they will give birth to an average of 3 - 4 leverets.



There are no subspecies of the Black Jackrabbit.

Interesting Facts

Black Jackrabbits are also known as:
Black Jack Rabbit

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