Brush Rabbit

Brush Rabbit

Brush Rabbit

Brush Rabbit Range Map (North America)
Brush Rabbit Range Map (North America)
Attribution: IUCN, species assessors & spatial data authors

Latin Name Sylvilagus bachmani
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location North America
Colour Light Brown/Grey
Length 25 - 35 cms (10 - 14 inches)
Tail -
Weight Up to 0.9 Kgs (2 lbs)
Life Expectancy -

Main Characteristics

Brush Rabbits are a species of cottontail rabbit and they are smaller than many of the other cottontails. They are between 25 and 35 cms (10 - 14 inches) in length and they can weigh up to 0.9 Kgs (2 lbs).

They are light brown to grey in colour and their underside is coloured white. Their tail is white on the top but grey on the underside.


Brush Rabbits are found in western coastal regions of North America. They do not dig burrows like other rabbits but they shelter in dense, brushy cover. They are mainly nocturnal and males occupy a home range of approximately 1 acre, while the home range of females is approximately half an acre.


Brush Rabbits mainly feed on grasses, clover and berries but they also eat woody vegetation during the winter months.


Brush Rabbits breed year round and they can have up to 5 litters per year, although 2 - 3 is more common. After a gestation period of 22 days, Brush Rabbits will give birth to an average of 3 young, but they can have up to 7 young per litter.

When they reach 4 - 5 months old they are fully mature.


Predators of Brush Rabbits include coyotes, snakes, mountain lions, foxes, bobcats, weasels and birds of prey.


There are thirteen recognized subspecies of Brush Rabbit:

Sylvilagus bachmani ubericolor
Sylvilagus bachmani
Sylvilagus bachmani bachmani
Sylvilagus bachmani exiguus
Sylvilagus bachmani howelli
Sylvilagus bachmani cerrosensis
Sylvilagus bachmani peninsularis
Sylvilagus bachmani mariposae
Sylvilagus bachmani virgulti
Sylvilagus bachmani macrorhinus
Sylvilagus bachmani riparius
Sylvilagus bachmani tehamae
Sylvilagus bachmani rosaphagus

Interesting Facts

Brush Rabbits are also known as:
Western Brush Rabbit

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