Gansu Pika

Latin Name Ochotona cansus
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location China
Colour -
Length -
Tail -
Weight -
Life Expectancy -


Gansu Pikas inhabit the alpine shrub areas of China at altitudes of 2,000 - 4,000 m (6,560 - 13,120 ft).


Gansu Pikas feed on grasses and plants


Gansu Pikas breed from April to August and they can breed at least 3 times per year. After a gestation period of 20 days, they will give birth to 3 - 6 young. The youngsters are weaned at 18 days old and they reach sexual maturity at 1 year old.


Predators of Gansu Pikas include birds of prey, polecats and weasels.


There are four subspecies of the Gansu Pika:

Ochotona cansus cansus
Ochotona cansus morosa
Ochotona cansus sorella
Ochotona cansus stevensi

Interesting Facts

Gansu Pika are also known as:
Gray Pika

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