Sumatran Rabbit

Sumatran Rabbit Range Map (Sumatra, Indonesia)
Sumatran Rabbit Range Map
(Sumatra, Indonesia)

Latin Name Nesolagus netscheri
Conservation Status Critically Endangered
Location Sumatra, Indonesia
Colour Grey and Brown
Length 34 - 40 cms (13.4 - 15.75 inches)
Tail 1.5 cms (0.6 inches)
Weight Up to 1.5 Kgs (3.3 lbs)
Life Expectancy - Yrs

Main Characteristics

Sumatran Rabbits are extremely rare and are possibly the most endangered species of rabbit. They have a body length between 34 and 40 cms (13.4 - 15.75 inches), a tail length of approximately 1.5 cms (0.6 inches) and they weigh up to 1.5kgs (3.3 lbs).

Their soft, dense fur is buff/grey in colour with striking brown stripes on their face, legs and body. Their rump and tail are bright red/brown and they have a white coloured underside.


Sumatran Rabbits are only found in the forests of the Barisan Mountains in western Sumatra, Indonesia at altitudes of 600 - 1,400 m (1,970 - 4,590 ft).

They are nocturnal and during the day they rest in burrows that have been dug by other animals.


Sumatran Rabbits mainly feed on the leaves and stalks of understory plants.


There has been very little research done on Sumatran Rabbits so little is known about their reproduction habits. It is expected that they would have a gestation period of approximately 30 days and have litters of up to 6 youngsters.


The main threat to Sumatran Rabbits is deforestation and habitat loss.


There are no subspecies of the Sumatran Rabbit.

Interesting Facts

Sumatran Rabbits are also known as:
Sumatran Short-Eared Rabbit
Sumatran Striped Rabbit

The Sumatran Rabbit is so rare that local people have no name for it and many aren't even aware of its existence.

The Sumatran Rabbit has only been seen three times since 1972. Most recently it was photographed in late January 2007 by a camera trap that is installed in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park.

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