Hamster Cage Preparation & Cleaning
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Your hamster's cage will be an area he feels safe and comfortable in and it is important you prepare it properly and maintain it regularly.

The Site

The site of your hamster cage is important as draughts, heat and direct sunlight can all affect your hamster.

Your hamster's cage will need to be sited on a level surface, keep him in a room of constant temperature, away from any draughts or direct sources of heat and out of direct sunlight. You will also need to ensure that he is out of the way of any other pets that may harm your hamster.

Cage Preparation

Before you go to collect your hamster, you should prepare the cage so he can be put straight inside when you bring him home.

Use the following steps:

Spread a thick layer of wood shavings across the floor of the cage.

Place a handful of nesting material in the corner of the cage or in the hamster house.

Fill the food dish with hamster food and place it in a suitable area of the cage. If you are not going to use a food dish, place some food on the floor.

Fasten a full water bottle to the side of the cage at a height that is comfortable for your hamster to reach. Make sure water flows from the spout by testing it with your finger, if not, squeeze the bottle gently to get the water to flow.

Add the exercise wheel in a suitable place or fix it to the side of the cage.

Add any extra cage accessories, such as a tube, wood gnaw, climbing frame or mineral block, in a suitable place.

Cage Cleaning

Your hamster's cage will need to be cleaned weekly. Take your hamster out of his cage and remove the floor covering, left over food, any food that has been stored and part of the nesting material. Replace it all with new, but ensure that some of the old nesting material remains.

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