Rabbit Training & Exercise
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The Grrreat Wall
The Grrreat Wall

Marshall Pet Lock On Litter Pan
Marshall Pet Lock On Litter Pan


A rabbit needs as much exercise as a small dog and in order to keep your pet fit and healthy you should ensure your rabbit is able to have daily exercise. The enclosure where you keep your rabbit should be large enough for them to freely move around and sit up. You can also purchase exercise areas suitable for small pets and these can be easily put up indoors or outside.

Litter Training

Rabbits can easily be litter trained as they usually urinate in the same place. This will make cleaning out your rabbit's hutch much easier and it will also keep your rabbit cleaner.

To litter train your rabbit, place a litter tray in the corner of their hutch and add some soiled shavings. This will encourage your rabbit to use the litter tray.

Command Training

Rabbits can be taught simple command training such as coming when they are called. Keep your commands constant and reward your rabbit when they respond.

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