American Alligator

American Alligator

American Alligator Range Map (S E USA)
American Alligator Range Map (S E USA)

American Alligator
Latin Name Alligator mississippiensis
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location S E USA
Colour Black
Length 2.8 - 5 m (9.25 - 16 ft)
Weight 72 - 455 kgs (160 - 1,000 lbs)


Main Characteristics

American Alligators are one of only two species of alligator, the other being the chinese alligator. They have a body length between 2.8 and 5 m (9.25 - 16 ft) and they weigh between 72 and 455 kgs (160 - 1,000 lbs).

They are black in colour and they have a broad head, a rounded snout and a heavily plated back. They are slow moving on land but can move very quickly in the water.


American Alligators are found in the wetlands of south eastern USA.


Adult American Alligators feed on mammals, amphibians, birds, snakes, turtles, fish and domestic livestock. Youngsters feed on invertebrates and small fish, and their prey increases in size as they grow.


American Alligators lay 25 - 60 eggs in a large nest made of mud and vegetation. The female remains close to the nest and after a 2 month incubation period the eggs hatch and the young alligators emit a high pitched croaking noise.

The female quickly digs out the youngsters and they remain with their mother for approximately 5 months before they leave.


Adult American Alligators have no natural predators and they are apex predators in their natural environment.

Interesting Facts

American Alligators are also known as:
King of the Everglades
Florida Alligator
Mississippi Alligator
Louisiana Alligator
Aligator Americano

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