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King Cobra

King Cobra

King Cobra
Photographer: Dawson

King Cobra Range Map (S & SE Asia)
King Cobra Range Map (S & SE Asia)
Latin Name Ophiophagus hannah
Conservation Status -
Location South & South East Asia
Colour Olive, Brown or Black
Length 3 - 5.5 m (9.8 - 18 ft)
Habit Terrestrial
Breeding Oviparous

Main Characteristics

King Cobras are the largest venomous snakes and they reach lengths between 3 and 5.5 m (9.8 - 18 ft). Their colour can vary depending on their location but they are usually olive, brown or black.

When they feel threatened they raise up to one third of their body off the ground, flare out their hood and emit a growling hiss.


King Cobras are found in the forested areas of south and south east Asia.


King Cobras mainly feed on other snakes, but if food is scarce they will eat lizards, birds, rodents and eggs.


King Cobras mate from January to April and unusually for snakes, the male and female remain together during the breeding season. They are the only snakes known to construct a nest for their eggs and the female does this by using her coils to pile up vegetation. 20 - 50 eggs are laid and both parents guard them until they hatch

After 60 - 80 days the eggs hatch and the young snakes are 45 - 50 cms (18 - 50 inches) in length and are dark with light coloured bands.


Predators of King Cobras include mongooses.

Interesting Facts

King Cobras are also known as:

In Burma, King Cobras are often used by snake charmers.

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