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Pacific Diver

Pacific Diver

Pacific Diver

Latin Name Gavia pacifica
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Russia, Canada & Alaska
Colour See Below
Length - cm (- inches)
Wingspan - cm (- inches)
Weight - Kgs (- lbs)
Life Expectancy Up to - Yrs

Main Characteristics

The Pacific Diver is a medium sized member of the diver family. During the breeding season they are black, white and grey in colour but their non-breeding plumage is more drab and they have a white chin and foreneck. Their bill is dagger-like in shape and it is grey or whitish in colour.



Pacific Divers are specialist fish eaters and they catch all of their prey underwater.




There are no subspecies of the Pacific Diver.

Interesting Facts

Pacific Divers are also known as:
Pacific Loon

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