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White-Billed Diver

White-Billed Diver
Photographer: Len Blumin

White-Billed Diver Range Map
White-Billed Diver Range Map
Yellow: Breeding Range
Orange: Winter Range

Latin Name Gavia adamsii
Conservation Status Near Threatened
Location Russia, Canada & Alaska
Colour See Below
Length 76 - 97 cm (30 - 38 inches)
Wingspan 135 - 160 cm (53 - 63 inches)
Weight 4 - 6.5 Kgs (8.8 - 14.3 lbs)
Life Expectancy Up to - Yrs

Main Characteristics

The White-Billed Diver is the largest member of the diver family. They have a length between 76 and 97 cms (30 - 38 inches), a wingspan between 135 and 160 cms (53 - 63 inches) and they weigh between 4 and 6.5 kgs (8.8 - 14.3 lbs).

During the breeding season White-Billed Divers have a black head, a black and white upperside and white underparts. Their non-breeding plumage is more drab and they have a white chin and foreneck. They have a yellowish bill which appears very slightly upturned.


White-Billed Divers spend the breeding season in the Arctic in Russia, Canada and Alaska. During the winter months they can be found at sea, mainly off the coasts of Norway, western North America and the eastern coast of Asia.


White-Billed Divers are specialist fish eaters and they catch all of their prey underwater.




There are no subspecies of the White-Billed Diver.

Interesting Facts

White-Billed Divers are also known as:
White-Billed Loon
Yellow-Billed Diver
Yellow-Billed Loon

The scientific name of the White-Billed Diver is named after the naval surgeon Edward Adams.

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