Housing your Guinea Pig
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A group of Guinea Pigs
A group of Guinea Pigs

<Guinea Pigs are social animals and they thrive if kept in groups of two or more.

Who should be kept with who?

It is preferable for guinea pigs to be introduced at a young age but if this is not possible they need to be carefully introduced when they are older and monitored until you are happy that they have settled together.

Two or more boars (males) housed together may fight when they reach maturity, but if they are neutered they should be fine together. Two or more sows (females) will also live happily together, as will a group of sows and a neutered boar. You should never keep a un-neutered boar and sow together as they will breed.

Can Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Live Together?

Guinea Pigs and rabbits should NOT be housed together. Rabbits are much larger than guinea pigs and they are playful so they could easily cause an injury to a guinea pig without meaning to do so.

They also have different dietary requirements as guinea pigs need a diet that is rich in vitamin C, and if they were housed together you could not regulate and monitor their food intake, which in turn could lead to health problems.

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