Enduro 100

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Enduro 100

Saracen Enduro 100 has been formulated using the latest cutting edge research and ingredient technology available to meet the specific nutritional needs that are placed on the modern Endurance athlete.

Key Features & Benefits

• Oil is primarily digested in the small intestine and will ‘spare’    glucose as an energy source
• Research studies have concluded that feeding oil to horses    resulted in a greater mobilization and utilization of oil during    long distance exercise
• Super Fibres & Oils for long lasting energy release and    controlled performance
• A diet high in fibre results in increased water intake
• Super Fibres will create an extra mobile water and electrolyte    reserve in the gut helping to combat the effects of dehydration
• Outstanding coat condition from high oil levels
• High fibre levels to promote gut health & aid gut mobility during    competition
• Added Yeast for increased calcium absorption and fibre    digestion
• Bioplexed minerals included which can increase resistance to    stress and aid efficient muscle function
• Powerful antioxidant protection
• "E-Max Ester" natural organic source of vitamin E with superior    availability

Suitable for:

• Meeting the nutritional demands of the endurance horse
• All competing animals that require stamina
• The performance horse that reacts to a high starch diet


Typical analysis:
Digestible Energy
13.7 MJ/Kg
20 - 23%
Vitamin A
14,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3
2,500 iu/kg
Vitamin E
300 iu/kg
0.5 mg/kg


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