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Saracen Re-Leve is a performance ration that has been formulated to provide the equine athlete with the high levels of energy that it requires to perform, using a variety of alternative energy sources.

Key Features & Benefits

• High performance mix designed to replace all cereal and    sweet feed
• Energy from high digestible fibre sources and oils for controlled    energy release and optimized stamina
• High fibre levels aid gut mobility and maintain optimal    electrolyte and water reserves in the hindgut
• Outstanding coat condition from high oil levels
• Low starch levels to help maintain a naturally healthy digestive    system
• Quality protein sources to help promote natural cell renewal,    tissue and muscle repair
• Bioplex trace minerals included for their antioxidant properties    and their ability to optimise natural resistance to stress
• Specific yeast inclusion to help optimise trace element    absorption and fibre digestion
• Fully fortified with a totally unique mineral package from KER

Suitable for:

• Performance horses that react to a high starch diet or those that    are cereal intolerant
• Maintaining optimum muscle function
• Horses that have a nervous disposition


Typical analysis:
Digestible Energy
13.1 MJ/Kg
8.5 - 12.5%
Vitamin A
11,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3
1,000 iu/kg
Vitamin E
340 iu/kg
0.5 mg/kg


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> Beet Pulp
> Micronised Peas
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> Molasses
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> Yeast
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